OSINT is a practice, which can be acquired through practice. We can exercise on ourselves, by collecting and analyzing the traces we leave on the Web, but also thanks to specialized sites and accounts.

  • OSINT-FR CTF : Free OSINT CTF created by OSINT-FR members;
  • @Quiztime : twitter account offering image geolocation quizzes. The team also proposes an annual challenge;
  • @Sector035 : twitter account of Sector035 which proposes an OSINT challenge;
  • Spying Challenge : competition mixing OSINT, social engineering and physical intrusion challenges;
  • Cyber Detective CTF : website with many OSINT challenges presented in a complete scenario;
  • HackTheBox : the registration on this site in itself requires to solve a technical challenge;
  • TraceLabs : monthly CTF (Capture The Flag) dedicated to the search for missing persons, in relation with law enforcement. Unlike the other sites mentioned above, these are real cases.

Numerous resources are also available, whether in the form of articles or conferences :

  • Bellingcat : an investigative journalism website specializing in fact-checking and open source intelligence;
  • OpenFacto : french non profit organization which aims to promote OSINT in the francophone community;
  • GIJN : network of investigative journalists sharing OSINT resources;
  • OSINT At Home : OSINT tutorials by Benjamin Strick;
  • conINT : an event that includes conferences on OSINT;
  • DEFCON Recon Village : a series of conferences dedicated to technical recognition, organized at DEFCON each year.