OSINT is not just about exploiting data on the Web. Simple discussions or radio signals can be considered as open sources.

Other areas of intelligence may use open sources. This is the case of :

    • OSINT applied to social networks
    • According to the American doctrine, this is the analysis of geolocalized information from imagery (traditional photographs, infrared images, radar, etc.) obtained by satellites, planes, drones, etc. France restricts Image Intelligence (ROIM) to research and development activities concerning image acquisition and analysis techniques;
    • According to the American doctrine, GEOINT combines the techniques of acquisition of geolocalized imagery, the analysis linked to this information (IMINT), and the addition of geodetic, geological and meteorological data. France refers to GEOINT all Geospatial Intelligence operational activities;
    • Analysis of electromagnetic signals and radio communications. In French: ROEM (Renseignement d’origine électromagnétique);
    • Measurements analysis of a sensor (radio waves, nuclear, acoustic…) in order to determine its origin;
    • Extraction of technical information related to Web sites or other entities accessible on the Internet.

Many other terms can be used in OSINT conversations such as COMINT, ELINT, FISINT, etc.