Our CTF platform for OSINT enthusiasts

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With https://ctf.challenge-osint.fr/, immerse yourself in a series of captivating challenges based on real (sometimes ephemeral) cases, specially designed to train you to master the art of researching and analyzing open source information.

Join our free learning community today and put your skills to the test.

Our site offers a range of levels, from beginner to expert, and covers a multitude of topics. Whether you’re interested in GEOINT, SOCMINT, or OSINT in general, each challenge, inspired by real incidents or scams, is a unique opportunity to hone your skills and expand your knowledge.

Each challenge will earn you virtual “dollars”, which you can exchange for clues.

You’ll also find a “training” section with challenges to complete, but with solutions available to help you understand if you didn’t succeed on your own.

Finally, our challenge platform includes a section reserved for members of the OSINT-FR association (membership at: https://www.helloasso.com/associations/osintfr), who are always on the lookout for more realistic challenges.